I got to know Aino-Kaisa via our shared friends within the student union activities.  I’ve been very impressed how carefully Aino-Kaisa looks into all the issues and how much knowledge she has about the way our City is run. Aino-Kaisa genuinely wants to take part in building a sustainable Oulu, and she already has concrete ideas to put into practice.

– Riikka Tumelius, doctoral researcher and foreign language teacher, campaign manager

I got to know Aino-Kaisa already in upper comprehensive school. Together with Aino-Kaisa and our common friend we started a local group of Amnesty International Finland. Since then Aino-Kaisa has worked with commitment to improve human rights and envinronmental issues.

I highly value Aino-Kaisa’s honesty, intelligence and her commitment to improve issues that matter for her. Aino-Kaisa has new ideas to improve Oulu. She for example has views and knowledge on how to improve public transport in Oulu.

– Anni Susineva, specialist, friend