Election themes

I want to make Oulu a more sustainable, equal and pleasant place to live, and fight against climate change and inequality. My themes on municipal elections 2021 are climate, environment and well-being.

Climate change is solved in municipalities

We need to find climate-friendly energy solutions, improve conditions for walking, cycling and public transport and make sustainable decisions in procurement, public food services, land-use planning and construction. Climate-friendly city is a comfortable city!  

The environment needs protection

Biodiversity can be promoted by protecting and restoring wetlands and forests and with park management plans. Forests and wetlands provide habitat for a diverse range of species. In addition to that, they are important carbon sinks. Protecting the environment means protecting the climate. Nearby nature and recreational sites are important for those living in the city. 

Well-being is the sum of many things

Municipal services create the basis for the well-being of local residents. For me, promoting well-being means mental health services with low threshold, quality education, equality and guaranteeing at least one hobby for every child.

In addition, I have answered in many election surveys and candidate compasses. I have collected links for my answers in the main election surveys on my Linktree profile: https://linktr.ee/ainokaisamanninen