Election themes

I stood as a candidate in the municipal elections in spring 2017.142 persons voted for me but it was not enough for City Council this time. Though, work for human rights, equality and education, as well as fighting against the climate change continue.


My Election Themes on Municipal Elections 2017


Climate Neutral Oulu

  • Takes climate effects into account in all decision-making and in purchasing
  • Promotes decentralized, clean and smart energy production and consumption
  • Builds more compactly and decreases parking space requirements
  • Puts walking, cycling and public transport first in city planning. Oulu continually develops public transport
  • invests in building rail traffic in the more densely operated connection between city centre and the Linnanmaa university campus.
  • Is a pioneer in promoting cycling. Faster cycling routes will make cycling a more attractive option.
  • Utilizes principles of circular economy in its purchases and other activities


Oulu – City for the Young and Children

  • Invests in high-quality early childhood education and care. Every child needs to be entitled for it. Small group sizes in early care need to be guaranteed. Oulu gradually moves towards cost-free early education.
  • Guarantees safe and healthy schools. Pupils in comprehensive school will be able to attend a nearby school in the future as well. The schools have sufficient resources in teaching and in supporting services.
  • Supports the free time activities of children and young people. Every child should be able to have at least one hobby.

Equal Oulu

  • Is a good place to live your life regardless of your background. Oulu is in an advocate of tolerance and accessibility
  • Dismantles barriers standing in the way of equality. Poverty may hinder people from realising their dreams. A high-quality and accessible education starting from the early childhood is the best way to provide a good starting point for life
  • Provides municipal services, such as social and health care and business services, in English as well
  • Promotes equality in working life. Oulu attends to social integration of immigrants and takes care of developing their working life skills.